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TIP OF THE WEEK:  Did you know sweat glands in the feet produce as much as half a pint of moisture each day?! Thus it is important to change your socks at least once every day, use powders between the toes or in your shoes, and clean your feet well in the shower daily.


Foot & Ankle Centers, PC

Welcome to our practice!  If you're looking for a Nashville podiatrist, look no further! We offer comprehensive podiatric, and nail spa services to patients to treat the foot and ankle ailments causing you foot pain.  Whatever the condition you have causing you foot pain we can help.  Some of the more common things seen in our office include:

The Nail Spa at FAC serving Nashville, TN

We are also thrilled to announce our wonderful medical nail spa where you can rest assured all of your medical manicures and pedicures will be done to the highest level of cleanliness.  We surgically sterilize the instruments, use disposable pedicure bowls, and each client receives a personalized nail kit so all files and buffers are only used for you.  The nail spa is wonderful for all clients but if you are diabetic and have not been getting a pedicure because you were nervous of infection feel confident that you have now found a place you can get a diabetic pedicure and relax.  Please visit our Nail Spa services page for additional service information to treat you feet and hands including: 

Please take a few moments to look through this site to get a better feel for Foot & Ankle Centers'  services to help treat your foot pain. We also invite you to email us or call our office at any time at (615)662-6676 to request an appointment for the Nashville (Saint Thomas West Hospital / office or ask any questions.

If you're looking for a Nashville Podiatrist, if you're in the Middle Tennessee area don't suffer any longer with foot pain ... Heel Pain, Ingrown Nails, Plantars Warts, Bunions, Hammertoes, Ankle Pain or any other foot/ankle related ailment.... we can help!

We encourage you to contact us whenever you have an interest or concern about our services.
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We encourage you to contact us whenever you have an interest or question about our services.
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