Medical Pedicure

Pedicures: Pampering Your Feet One Toe at a Time

The feet are under a lot of pressure, literally. They are the key to mobility, and that’s why foot care is so important. People tend to jam feet into tight shoes, pushing the toes and toenails into a very uncomfortable position. After awhile corns and calluses can develop, along with sore feet and toenails. Who is better fitted than a foot specialist and team to handle all facets of the foot.

What Is a Medical Pedicure?

In recent years, nail infections/toenail fungus have been traced back to nail salons; thus, many patients have opted out of pampering their feet and hands. We want our patients to feel confident about their nail treatments, and we our confident about our services and sterile environment. A medical pedicure differs from the typical nail salon pedicures. 
The sterilization process for pedicures and manicures are as follows:
  • Surgically sterilize the tools/equipment
  • Dispose of pedicure bowls after each use
  • Provide personalized nail kits
We don’t reuse any buffers and nail files. During a clients’ first visit, we give them their own nail kit with a file, buffer and/or a pumice stone.

We Tailor to Your Feet: Classic & Diabetic Pedicures

No foot is the same, which is why our staff of podiatrists and nail technicians offer two different pedicures: “Treat Your Feet” and “Diabetic Treat Your Feet.”

For a classic pedicure, we:

  • Cleanse the skin of the feet to remove bacteria
  • Trim the nails straight across, avoiding irritation and ingrown toenails
  • File straight across the nail
  • Check for calluses
  • Gently use a pumice stone on tougher parts of the foot
  • Exfoliate the skin
  • Massage the lower leg and foot
  • Apply choice of OPI color (if desired)

For a diabetic pedicure, we:

  • Cleanse foot
  • Trim, file, shape nails
  • Remove hangnails
  • Care for cuticles
  • Bugging
  • Massage foot and lower leg
  • Apply diabetic lotion
  • Apply choice of OPI color (if desired)
The extended pedicure care for diabetes is very important. Massaging the foot and leg helps with circulation. If a person with diabetes has poor circulation, it’ll be harder to fight injuries to the feet, thus, increasing the risk of infection. The diabetic lotion softens the skin, so feet won’t crack from dryness—this also decreases the chances of infection and injury to the foot.

We target many bothersome foot issues besides diabetes-related foot problems, such as:

  • Ingrown toenails
  • Corns
  • Calluses
  • Damaged toenails
  • Toenail fungus

Why Should Men Take Advantage of Pedicures?

It’s more common for women to care for their hands and feet than it is for men. No man should be shy about getting his feet pampered, and we are happy to help take care of calluses, corns, ingrown toenails and other issues.
If a male patient is clumsy with the clippers, we suggest professional care because we don’t want someone to accidentally injure the toenail or skin of the foot. Cutting the nail the wrong way can damage the foot more.

Top Off Your Pedicure

If you want a little extra pampering, ask about our “Top It Off” pedicure service, which includes:
  • Relaxing foot soak
  • Exfoliation
  • Luxurious massage
  • Add a nail color