Manicure: Reaching for Healthy Nails

Even though our specialty is feet, they don’t deserve all of the attention. We also offer medical manicures for patients who desire clean, healthy and esthetically pleasing nails.

What is a Manicure?

A manicure is typically considered cosmetic, but we treat nails for medical and cosmetic purposes. A standard manicure for nails at our Nail Spa consists of:
  • Soaking hands
  • Tending to cuticles
  • Trimming
  • Filing
  • Shaping
  • Removing hangnails (torn piece of skin near the nail)

Why Choose a Medical Manicure?

The toenails aren’t the only place bacteria and infections can reside. The nails of the hands can also be damaged by an infection.
Our Nail Spa follows all sterilization standards to a “T.” We don’t skip any corners, and that’s why we can promise the cleanest and most relaxing manicures without the worry of infection or nail damage.

Ready to Go Waterless for Your Manicure?

Some people are weary of cuticle infections caused by the soaking water used during traditional manicures. That’s why we made different accommodations for these patients. Our “Fast Hands” manicure service trims, shapes and buffs the nail without the use of water.

Benefits of a Medical Pedicure and Manicure:

Only a qualified and trained professional is able to use our nail equipment, so quality and safe nail care is always a promise. However, a patient doesn't need to be referred or have something wrong with their feet to come to our nail spa. While we are sensitiive to our patients' medical needs, our services are available for anyone who needs a day of pampering. 
Going to a typical nail salon doesn’t guarantee a patient won’t develop a nail infection. Without proper sterilization, nail tools and equipment can be teeming with bacteria, increasing the risk of infection.
And infections aren’t a walk in the park. It takes time to treat a toenail infection.
Other advantages:
  • Sterile environment – surgical instruments cleaned with autoclave (subjects tools to high-pressure steam, killing bacteria)
  • Reduces callus buildup
  • Treat ingrown nails
  • Safely treats feet of patients with diabetes
  • Buffs out discolored nails
  • Removes dry skin
  • Medical staff can inspect the feet and hands for any underlying conditions
What do we mean by inspection? The Nail Spa at Foot & Ankle Specialists of Nashville can detect more serious foot and hand issues, such as toenail fungus, bunions, ingrown toenails and corns. With early detection, feet issues can be treated as soon as possible, reducing the need for care and more advanced treatment.

Going Beyond Nail Maintenance: Gelish® Manicures and Pedicures

No need to get jealous of people with Gelish® manicures and pedicures, our nail spa is now accommodating to the Gelish® lovers out there. As the manufacturer states, Gelish® “Performs like Gel, Applies like Polish.”
Gel polish goes beyond traditional nail polish. Gel polish applications last longer and look glossier. Patients can go up to three weeks without the polish chipping or looking dull.

Who Should Get a Manicure and Pedicure?

Honestly, anyone and everyone can get a mani/pedi. In the past, manicures and pedicures were popular just with women, but now men come in for regular nail treatments.
Our society has broken away from the stigma tied to men and mani/pedi treatments. We should all appreciate the benefits of nail treatments:
  • Soft hands
  • Healthy cuticles
  • Maintained nail length
Get the best of both worlds—a patient can take care of pesky nail and toenail problems in one swing with the “Ahh…Take Me Away” full mani-pedi. Other services nail and toenail treatments include:
  • “Quick Feet”
  • “Make It Last”
  • “I’m in a Hurry”
  • “Hand Maintenance for Men”
  • "Top It Off”
Paraffin treatments for the hands and feet are also available.