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Corns and calluses develop on the foot from excess pressure or friction. The body responds to the problem by causing the skin to thicken. Pressure or friction can occur when the foot rubs the inside of the shoe or if a bone lies in an abnormal position. While unsightly, pain is typically the main concern with corns and calluses which can become infected or hamper foot movement in some cases. Corns are located on the toes and calluses are found on the bottom of the foot. Painful lesions in between the toes are known as soft corns.

When corns and calluses become uncomfortable they can be trimmed down in the office to provide relief. Other treatments include, wearing wider shoes, using non medicated pads, or using a pumice stone. If these conservative measures fail to provide relief, surgical procedures to correct the underlying structural causes of corns and calluses may be considered. Please call for an appointment if you are experiencing any discomfort.