When to try on shoes?
By contactus
January 06, 2012
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Should you go to try on shoes first thing in the morning when the swelling in your feet is down?  Or is it better at the end of the day?  Most people tend to want to go shoe shopping early in the day when their feet feel good but the truth is you should go at the end of the day when your feet are more tired and swollen.  By doing so you ensure that the shoes you try will feel good when your feet are at their worst.  It will also help ensure that the shoes won't pinch or bind since your feet are already swollen.  Wearing well made comfort shoes are best for your feet and will provide the most support and cushion for your feet.  If you wear orthotics try to get shoes where the insole can be removed to ensure the best fit.  Most of all, remember that your shoes should feel good when you buy them.  A well fitted pair of shoes doesn't need to be "broken in."

If you are experiencing any kind of foot pain that doesn't allow you comfort in any kind of shoes than you may have a condition like a neuroma or tendinitis that requires medical attention. Dr. Baker is here to help you in Nashville, Smyrna, or Carthage if your feet are in pain.  Don't hesitate ... your feet have to last you a lifetime!