What is a podiatrist anyway?
By contactus
January 16, 2012
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Many people will often ask "Do you treat bunions?" or "Can I see Dr. Baker for my sprained ankle?" or "I have a weird bump on my foot.  Can Foot & Ankle Specialists of Nashville treat that?"  The asnwer to all of these questions is yes!

Podiatrists are physicians to the foot and ankle similar to the way a cardiologist is to the heart...they treat all aspect of their specialty.  Dr. Baker isboth board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery (www.abps.org) and treat all conditions related to the foot and ankle from a wart to an ingrown nail to a bunion requiring surgery,etc.  Podiatrists complete a four year undergraduate education, four years of graduate study at a podiatric medical college, and then complete a 2 or 3 year hospital based post graduate training.

For a list of the variety of foot conditions we treat please visit our Services Page.

If you're in Nashville, Smyrna, Carthage or anywhere in the middle Tennessee area don't hesitate to call us today if we can help you with your feet or ankles.  We're here when you need us...