Tips for a Pedicure
By contactus
April 30, 2012
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With summer around the corner many women are getting pedicures.  Here are some helpful dos and don'ts to keep your feet healthy.


Bring your own pedicure utensils to thesalon.   Why? Because bacteria and fungus can move easily from one person to the next if the salon doesn’t use proper sterilization techniques. Yuck!

Use a pumice stone, foot file or exfoliating scrub when eliminating thick, dead skin build-up, also known as calluses, on the heel, balland sides of the feet. Be sure to soak your feet in warm water for at least five minutes and then use the stone, scrub, or foot file.

Gently run a wooden or rubber manicure stick under your nailsThis helps keep your nails clean and removes the dirt, glitter, and other types of build-up you may not be able to see.


Shave your legs before receiving a pedicure. Resist the urge to have smooth legs, at least until afterward. Freshly shaven legs or small cuts on your legs may allow bacteria to enter your body.

Allow salons to use a foot razor to remove dead skin. Using a razor can result in permanent damage if used incorrectly and can easily cause infection if too much skin is removed.

Apply nail polish to cover up discolored nails. Thick and discolored toenails could be a sign of a fungal infection. Nail polish locks out moisture and doesn’t allow the nail bed to “breathe.” If you think you have a toenail infection, schedule an appointment with Foot & Ankle Specialists of Nashville  immediately to get it checked out.