Nail Salon Risks
May 31, 2015
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NY Podiatrist Discusses Risks of Pedicures
You may have a little more trouble relaxing into that massage chair with a magazine after this one -- an unsanitary pedicure could lead to a viral infection (such as warts), bacterial infections from ingrown toenails and aggressive filing, or a fungal infection of the skin and nails, among other serious health problems, says Dr. Jackie Sutera, a New York City podiatrist. Since some salons have better sanitizing practices than others, she recommends that you always bring your own tools, including cuticle nippers, toe clippers, a nail file, nail clippers and, most importantly, a foot file. "That's one of the dirtiest things in that whole salon," she says. "There's a misconception that because they put it in a blue solution or because they put it in a thing that looks like a toaster oven, it's clean -- but it might not be." 
Sutera recommends hitting the spa earlier in the day, when things tend to be a bit cleaner and sanitary -- before dozens of feet have soaked in the same bath on the same day and before technicians have a possibility of getting tired. Also, don't give into the temptation to soak your feet too long. "It's a cesspool in there," Sutera says of the foot bath. "Don't sit there and soak in that water forever." 
Source: Dana Oliver, Huffington Post [5/22/15]
The above article illustrates exactly why we opened our own nail spa.  You don't have to worry that your instruments are put in some "toaster."  Our instruments are sterilized in the same way they would be for a surgical procedure.  And once you get your nail kit you will know that the buffers and files are only yours.  Rest easy and enjoy your service at our nail deserve it!