It's Shopping Season..Don't forget your feet!

It's holiday shopping season and many people will come home with sore and tired feet.  Here are some helpful hints to keep your feet happy:

-Wear your most comfortable shoes.  Walking or running shoes are usually best and heels are the worst (save the heels for the party)

-Remember your feet may swell so stay away from any of your shoes that tend to be tight

-Carry a backpack to make it easier

-Wear cotton socks to absorb moisture and keep your feet dry (or there are moisture wicking socks in most atheltic stores)

-Make frequent trips to the car to drop off packages so you're not carrying around so much weight and be sure to carry packages with both hands to even out the load

-After a long, punishing day on your feet, be sure to stretch and flex your toes with controlled movements. (Don’t bounce!).

-At the end of the day stretch out your feet and try soaking your feet in a warm Epsom salt bath.  You can apply your favorite lotion and put on socks to help keep in the moisture

-Call Foot & Ankle Specialists of Nashville (662-6676) for an appointment immediately if you have concerns about any foot issues