Don't Play Through the Pain
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March 06, 2012
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Don't Play Through Pain

As the weather warms up more children and adults will go outside and get active.  Exercising is excellent for your overall health but sometimes athletes can be their own worst enemy, especially when they continue to play following an injury to thier foot or ankle.  Foot & Ankle Specialists of Nashville suggests you seek proper diagnosis and prompt treatment if you are continuing to limp or have continued pain that doesn't subside within a few days. Of course, if you think you may have any kind of acute injury you should seek immediate medical attention.

Athletes often misunderstand how serious an injury can be and try to rush back into playing without appropriate treatment and rehabilitation. Some of the most difficult cases seen by foot and ankle surgeons are those in which athletes have continued to play after an injury.  Sometimes serious injuries can exist even when the foot or ankle is able to accept weight or pressure.  One such injury that may be overlooked is a fracture of the fifth metatarsal, the bone that runs along the outer side of the foot. This can somtimes occur with an ankle sprain and the athlete may think it is only a sprain. However, this injury is difficult to heal, and continuing to participate in sports will make it worse.  Tammy Sands from US Tae Kwon Do Academy in La Vergne, TN (near our Smyrna office at Stonecrest Medical Center) says she always advises her athletes to seek medical treatment if the pain doesn’t subside.  “I like to refer to Foot & Ankle Specialists of Nashville if one of my martial artists has had a foot injury.  I feel a doctor should be the one to judge if it’s ok to continue training rather than just continuing to train through the pain,” says Master Sands (

"Grin and bear it" is never a good strategy for athletes. Prompt treatment by a qualified foot and ankle doctor can determine the best course of treatment for the specific injury and help get athletes back on the field.