Diabetes and Pedicures...Can they go Together?

Are you diabetic and you have never had a pedicure for fear of infection?  That is a very real fear and one you are smart to be concerned about.  At  Foot & Ankle Specialists of Nashville, Foot & Ankle Specialists of Nashville sees many diabetic patients who have very serious complications from diabetes so he knows how important it is to be very careful with diabetic feet.  At the Nail Spa at FAC we offer a diabetic pedicure that doesn't use hot towels as we understand that neuropathy is a very real complication of diabetes and we would never want to risk any kind of burn, etc.  We take all of the necessary precautions with cleanliness by surgically sterilizing all instruments, using a disposable nail tub, and only using files and buffers on each individual client.  The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota (mayoclinic.com), a world renowned medical center, wrote this article about diabetes and pedicures that also references being extremely careful about your pedicures, http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/diabetes-and-pedicures/MY00537 .

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