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We have a deal coming out on Dealchicken.com next week but we're letting our current clients book the deal early to get their desired appointment time.  Offers are:

$20 "Treat Your Feet"(full pedicure reg. $45)      or

$25 "I'm in a Hurry!"(express mani/pedi reg $49).

Call 425-0668 today to be sure you can get in when you want. Limit 1 per client and doesn't apply to prior services. See our nail spa page for a full menu of services.  Enjoy!

Are you diabetic and you have never had a pedicure for fear of infection?  That is a very real fear and one you are smart to be concerned about.  At  Foot & Ankle Specialists of Nashville, Foot & Ankle Specialists of Nashville sees many diabetic patients who have very serious complications from diabetes so he knows how important it is to be very careful with diabetic feet.  At the Nail Spa at FAC we offer a diabetic pedicure that doesn't use hot towels as we understand that neuropathy is a very real complication of diabetes and we would never want to risk any kind of burn, etc.  We take all of the necessary precautions with cleanliness by surgically sterilizing all instruments, using a disposable nail tub, and only using files and buffers on each individual client.  The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota (mayoclinic.com), a world renowned medical center, wrote this article about diabetes and pedicures that also references being extremely careful about your pedicures, http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/diabetes-and-pedicures/MY00537 .

Call our nail spa today at 615.425.0668 to schedule your appointment for a diabetic pedicure or a manicure.  You'll be glad you did!



Often the phone will ring at our office and a patient will be complaining of a bump near their big toe joint.  More often than not this is something called a bunion.  A bunion is a bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of your big toe that forms when your big toe pushes up against your other toes, forcing your big toe joint in the opposite direction.  It can often become painful over time and become red and swollen.  High heeled and/or pointy toed shoes can often aggravate the condition.  Some people can get a bunion on the outside of the foot near the 5th digit ("pinky toe") called a bunionette or tailor's bunion.  Some conservative measures can be done like wearing lower heeled shoes, a wider toe-box, and/or orthotics.  If these treatments don't work surgical correction may be an option. Call our office anytime for a consultation at (615)662-6676 if your foot is hurting.  Learn more in our latest newsletter by clicking here:




Today was a great information meeting on the walk to help support diabetes research, Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes.  We will probably walk with the Saint Thomas Health team.  We'll think of creative ways to raise money to support the cause in the upcoming weeks.  Check it out and join the fun:


June 19, 2013
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When we were creating the Nail Spa at FAC we took a lot of time to decide how to price our services.  We examined many different regional nail menus to decide where to land.  Ultimately we have ended up where we are not the highest nail spa around but it is also not our goal to be the least expensive either.  As in most areas of life you get what you pay for.  It is our goal at the Nail Spa to provide high quality services in the cleanest environment around.  While our prices are possibly higher than some quick in/out nail salons, you will know when you come to our Spa that your services will be of high quality in a clean, relaxing environment.  And if you're not sure just print this blog post for $10 off any $40 service and try us out ;-)