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By The Nail Spa at FAC
May 13, 2014
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Nail Spa Conveniently Located in Nashville Saint Thomas West Hospital

Convenient Location & Sterile Environment

Sterilization standards at hospitals are held at a high-regard. A hospital building follows many regulations and codes, and the staff follows the set standards, especially when it comes to creating a safe and sterile environment for the patients. 
Our nail spa and podiatry office, conveniently located in the hospital, provide a top-notch, clean environment. We take sterilization very seriously, and for good reason. As a podiatry center, we handle a variety of foot issues, including toenail fungus.

Nail Spa in Nashville Guarantees Safe and Flawless Mani/Pedi’s. 

Once bacteria enter through a wound in the toenail, it’s difficult to get rid of the infection without help from a professional. And the bacteria can easily transfer from one person to the next, and media has put the blame on nail salons for housing bacteria that can lead to infection/toenail fungus.
A nail spa affiliated with a podiatry office runs differently than a traditional nail salon. Our nail technician utilizes surgically sterilized instruments and personalized nails kits to ensure the safest and most effective medical pedicures and manicures.
Moreover, it’s convenient for our practice to be located in a hospital for one more reason. If a patient needs immediate attention, we can coordinate specialized care with one of our highly trained and experience podiatry staff members.

Do You Want a Virtual Tour?

It’s hard to describe in words what our nail spa facility looks like and how it operates, which is why a video makes this task much easier. For more information about the facility, watch our YouTube video tour.
Do you know why a medical nail spa in Nashville is more convenient for foot care and health? Call our office at (615) 662-6676. We would be happy to answer your questions.

Check out this article about pedicures causing some possible hazards.  That's why we opened the Nail Spa at FAC.  All of our instruments are surgically sterilized, the pedicure bowls are disposable, and you get your own files and buffers so they're never shared with anyone else.  Make your hands and feet look fabulous with a manicure and pedicure for spring ... just do it safely.

Check it out:


St. Patrick's Day Special!  17% off any nail service this week only.  Call 425-0668 for your appointment. 

I'm Diabetic...Can I get Manicures and Pedicures?


Diabetic clients have very specific needs and concerns when it come to having nail services.  When giving a diabetic patient a manicure or pedicure, the nail technician has to take proper precautions to help a diabetic client enjoy a safe and relaxing service.  Fortunately for all of the clients at the Nail Spa at FAC the sanitary precautions we take are the highest available.   These are some of the considerations for providing diabetic clients with nail care:
  • Susceptibility To Infection:  Due to the higher risk of infection even a minor skin irritation or injury has the potential of becoming a severe, life threatening condition.  In our spa all instruments are surgically sterilized, the pedicure tubs are disposable and all clients receive a personal nail kit to ensure there is no cross contamination.
  • Poor Circulation/Peripheral Neuropathy:  Many diabetics lose sensation in their feet and legs so extreme caution must be taken with temperature water and towels.  For this reason, we never use hot towels with our diabetic pedicure to make sure there is never a risk of burning the skin.
  • Thinning of the skin:  Caution is taken when performing massage on skin that appears to be thinning.  the nail technician will check and be sure there are no open cuts or wounds because a pedicure should never be done with any open sores.  If an ulcer is noted the client would be referred for immediate medical attention.
If you are diabetic or know someone that is you can rest assured that you don't have to compromise your health when getting nail services at our spa.   So sit back, relax, and enjoy the service!   Call 615.425.0668 with any questions or to set up an appointment.