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By Foot & Ankle Specialists of Nashville
July 15, 2016
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Do you have diabetes? Find out why caring for your feet is crucial to your health.

Diabetes is believed to affect over 29.1 million Americans. Unfortunately, around 8.1 million of those with diabetes may go undiagnosed. While this condition can be controlled through lifestyle changes and medications, it’s important that you focus on your foot care as well. Diabetic Foot CareWhy? Your Nashville podiatrists Dr. Timothy Bush are here to tell you why caring for diabetic feet is so important.

If you have diabetes, then you may already be well aware that circulation issues, nerve damage and infections can all lead to irreversible and serious health problems. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can ensure that your feet stay healthy. Some ways to do this include:

  • Getting regular medical exams and seeing your Nashville foot doctors for routine foot checks
  • Monitoring your blood sugar every day
  • Getting regular exercise
  • Enjoying a healthy balanced diet that is high in fruits and vegetables

Also, always follow a good foot care routine to keep your feet feeling their best:

  • Inspect feet thoroughly every day and look for any changes to the size, color or shape of your feet. Look for problems like redness, cuts, bruising or sores. If you can’t inspect your feet yourself, ask a family member to help or use a hand mirror.
  • Be sure to wash feet every day with a gentle cleanser and warm (not hot) water. Hot water can dry out or burn skin. If you have loss of feeling in your feet use your elbow or fingers to test the water’s temperature.
  • After a thorough washing, you’ll want to also make sure you dry every part of your feet so that there are no moist areas where fungus can grow. This means drying in between your toes, too!
  • Don’t forget to apply a moisturizer after your shower. A moisturizer can help keep rough, dry feet feeling suppler.
  • Avoid walking around barefoot, even when indoors. Not having the proper protection for your feet could lead to sores, injuries or an infection.

Foot & Ankle Specialists of Nashville is here to provide quality, compassionate foot care to the Nashville, TN area. If you are dealing with diabetes and want to get a checkup, call our Nashville office today at (615) 662-6676 to schedule your next appointment.