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Foot & Ankle Specialists of Nashville is excited to participate in the American Diabetes Association STEP OUT: WALK TO STOP DIABETES. If you're at the walk stop by our table and say Hi! For more information about walking or donating visit;


Diabetes affects over 29 Million Americans so it's so important that we all try to help with finding a cure.

By The Nail Spa at FAC
July 09, 2014
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Most definitely! Men and women deserve a little pampering every once in a while. But in the past, many men wouldn’t even consider a manicure, but nowadays they are becoming more open to nail care. And Men should care about the health and appearance of their toenails and nails, which is why they should think about a medical manicure—treats hands for healthy and esthetically pleasing nails.


Benefits of a Manicure

Your significant other will appreciate that you took time out of your day to care for yourself. A manicure provides a number of benefits because the nail technician:
  • Removes painful hangnails
  • Trims sharp or uneven nails without damaging the skin
  • Gives nails a uniform shape
  • Softens rough hands (including calluses)

Manicures are the New Trend in Hollywood

 If you still are convinced that manicures aren’t for men, consider all of the Hollywood elite who are taking time out of their schedules to enjoy a professional manicure. From rappers (Snoop Dogg) to soccer players (David Beckham), stars understand that the little things can make a big difference to their professional appearance. Even top actor, Johnny Depp, has taken an appreciation to manicures.
For Nashville, TN natives, men and women can do more than go to the nail salon at the local mall. We have a Nashville medical nail spa that is operated by a podiatrist (foot specialist), so our sterilization and treatment techniques go beyond just making nails look esthetically pleasing—we make sure you don’t have any underlying problems. And a sterile environment reduces the risk of getting an infection.
Interested in scheduling a manicure? Call today at (615) 662-6676.