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Did you know that the color and condition of your nails reflects the health of your body?  Be sure to eat a good, varied diet full of fruits and vegetables.  If you nails are weak and brittle taking a supplement for hair/nails can help strengthen both substantially

We have a deal coming out on Dealchicken.com next week but we're letting our current clients book the deal early to get their desired appointment time.  Offers are:

$20 "Treat Your Feet"(full pedicure reg. $45)      or

$25 "I'm in a Hurry!"(express mani/pedi reg $49).

Call 425-0668 today to be sure you can get in when you want. Limit 1 per client and doesn't apply to prior services. See our nail spa page for a full menu of services.  Enjoy!

August 15, 2013
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August Nail Spa Special...$29 Gel Manicure (regularly $40).  Call 425-0668 to make your appointment today!

"My heels kill me every time I get out of bed!!" Foot & Ankle Specialists of Nashville hears this nearly everyday. Heel pain is the #1 ailment we treat daily. While it isn't always plantar fasciitis, this condition is the most common cause for heel pain. For more information visit the heel pain information page on our website athttp://www.tnfootdoc.com/library/1915/PlantarFasciitis.html.  More information can also be found on the American Podiatric Medical Association website at http://www.apma.org/learn/FootHealth.cfm?ItemNumber=985

An ingrown toenail is when the nail grows into the flesh instead of on top of it.  Ouch.  They are super painful and can cause bad infections if not taken care of reasonably quickly.  If an infection is left untreated for too long it can get into the bone and cause serious problems.  Sometimes Foot & Ankle Specialists of Nashville will just trim back the ingrowing part of the nail.  However, they tend to re-occur in most people who suffer from them so usually Foot & Ankle Specialists of Nashville will permanently remove the ingrowing part of the nail so that it won't grow back.  The toe is numbed (of course!) so most people find lots of relief from having the nail removed.