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By contactus
June 15, 2011
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As summer approaches, many people will ask the question: “Can I wear flip-flops?”  And as more people wear them, more and more people will encounter the long- and short-term health problems that come with them.

One of the biggest problems with them is that there is no support … the foot is able to go in any direction it wants which often results in injury.  The likelihood of problems also arises when people wear them for long periods of time and for long distances.

A much better alternative if you want to give you feet some fresh air is a high quality sandal with arch support and cushion.  Having a back strap will at least allow for some motion control and decrease the likelihood of an injury.  Diabetics need to be especially careful when their feet are exposed and if they suffer from neuropathy (numbness) in their feet then sandals should not be worn at all (only closed protective shoes).

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By contactus
June 15, 2011
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We're excited to have moved our office across the hall at Stonecrest Medical Center to suite 250.  The move allows us more flexibility in our schedule and more space of our own.  Please come by and say Hi to Lisa, Dr. Baker, Tara, and Bridgette!