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By Foot & Ankle Specialists of Nashville
November 16, 2016
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Don’t let foot pain keep you down. Find out what could be causing it and what you can do to stop it.

You are ready to lace up your shoes and go running, but you forgot one thing: your foot pain. It’s amazing how quickly foot pain can stop you in your tracks and keep you from the things you love. But don’t let foot pain win! Our Nashville, TN podiatrists, Dr. Timothy Bush, are here to provide you with a little more detail about foot pain and what you can do to treat it.

There are so many different kinds of foot pain that you could be experiencing such as:

  • Toe pain
  • Heel pain
  • Arch pain
  • Pain at the outer edge of the foot
  • Pain at the ball of the foot

Heel Pain

If the pain you are experiencing is heel pain it might be due to plantar fasciitis. Inflammation of the plantar fascia can cause pain that’s worse when you first wake up. Here are some simple ways to treat it:

  • Avoid strenuous physical activities and rest as much as possible
  • Perform heel and foot stretches (we are happy to show you some great ones!)
  • Ice the heel for up to 20 minutes at a time throughout the day
  • Wear shoe inserts and supportive shoes
  • Take over-the-counter pain relievers

Toe Pain

A bunion might be the cause of your pain, particularly if it originates at the base joint of the big toe. You may also notice a hard lump on the outside of the foot. If so, this could be a bunion. While a bunion won’t go away without surgery it can easily be managed with simple at-home measures like rest, ice or heat therapy, stretching and physical therapy exercises, as well as wearing bunion pads and properly fitted shoes that give your toes room to wiggle and move freely.

Of course, other issues like gout and hammertoes could also cause your toe pain, which is why you should always visit us for a proper diagnosis. A proper diagnosis will lead to a more effective treatment plan in the end.

Arch Pain

While plantar fasciitis may also be responsible for this condition, flat feet may be responsible for your achy, painful arches. Wearing shoe inserts and shoes that provide support, resting and icing the foot when it’s sore and even getting physical therapy are all great treatment options.

Outer Edge

This could mean that you have a broken bone. If you notice other symptoms besides pain such as swelling or bruising around the outer portion of the foot then it’s time you visited us so we can perform the proper imaging tests.

Ball of the Foot

This could be the result of metatarsalgia or Morton’s neuroma. With both of these conditions you can wear orthotics to take pressure off the foot, take pain relievers or talk to our Nashville foot doctors about prescription pain medications or steroid injections. With metatarsalgia you can also ice the foot. If Morton’s neuroma is too severe you may need to consider surgery.

Foot pain doesn’t have to be something you just put up with. Eliminate the problem once and for all by turning to Foot & Ankle Specialists of Nashville, TN. We are ready to create a treatment plan that will have you back on your feet in no time!